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Back2you are currently crowd funding an idea! Come get involved!

This really is unlike anything you have ever seen before! have been involved in tracking since 1999 we are looking for funding for our world beating GPS pet tracker

We have seen a huge demand for GPS trackers suitable for pets.

We have sold various pet trackers over the years but they all have problems.

  • Short battery live
  • Bulky size causing discomfort to the animal
  • External trackers can be easily become detached by the animal or by pet thieves
Advances in both SIM card, battery and inductive charging technology has enabled us to come up the perfect pet tracker.

The tracker is implanted under the skin of the pet much like a micro chip; in fact it can be done at the same time as a micro chip is fitted.

The GPS tracker enables the pet to be tracked worldwide using the back2you smartphone app for iphone and android.

Geo fences can be put around your home or garden which will alert you by text message the instant your pet strays. You can also set up speed alerts that will again message you should your pet be whisked away in a motor vehicle. Once triggered the unit will give you live location updates every 3 mins along with links to Google maps so you can instantly see your pet’s location on your phone.

The unit is charged by simply stroking your pet using the special inductive glove. The motion of moving the glove over the implanted tracker passes a harmless inductive charge to the battery of the tracker enabling one weeks charge with just 20 strokes of the pet. You can check on the status of the battery at any time via text message.

We need funding to further develop the technology and take the product to market.

We don’t expect money for nothing! If you help us we have a great range of incentives and you will help Marie the cat be very happy too.

Even if you don’t own a pet please help us spread the word. Marie the cat loves to be seen so make her happy by posting her video or picture. Purrrrfect.

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