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Peter W. - story of the missing bag

Whilst travelling in Australia we landed at Sydney having travelled from Melbourne. After claiming our luggage, we travelled into Sydney arriving at the hotel full of high spirits about forty minutes later. We unloaded the car and then realized we were a bag short. The bag that contained the digital camera, a video camera, binoculars, reading glasses and other personal items along with all the photographs of a months travelling.

We were devastated.

The next day we reported the loss to the Sydney Police who did not hold out any hope of us ever getting the bag back. The p allowed me to look at the computer showing all the lost bags at Domestic Terminal 2 on the day we lost ours and it ran to five pages, thirty bags to the page

The following day I was checking the e-mails when I noticed one from Global Bag Tag and on reading it found that a gentleman had found our bag, found the labels on the contents and done what it says on the can and registered the find on the Global Bag Tag net site. I obtained his contact details from Global Bag. The bag arrived on our doorstep 10 days later intact with all our photographs – weren’t we the lucky ones to have labelled the contents of the bag with Global Bag Tag Labels which were instrumental in getting the bag and contents returned to us.

We now tell all our friends about the Global Bag Tag service and guess what they are getting as part of their Xmas presents. Well done Global Bag Tag and many, many thanks for all your help in recovering them.

Martin A. - lost at sea!

Many thanks for the call & text today. I have been in touch BMI and they are retrieving the bag for me. The bag somehow climbed aboard a German cruise liner touring the med from Palma! (A fly cruise) The cruise will dock back in Palma on 8 July and BMI have arranged to pick it up and return it to UK & courier to me.

BMI stated that - the case ending up on a cruise - was a first for them! Quite bizarre.

I must add that without the "globalbagtag" I don't think I would have seen my case again.

Thomas S. - Alaska Airlines

This little tag was the best I ever bought!

Alaska Airlines did not have any idea on where my luggage was, they were very surprised when I gave them information from you!

Everything ended with that they all would buy Globalbagtags for themselves!

Moreover, they said would they take it up with management for AA, this was the best reclaim they have been involved with in a long time.:

I am forever grateful that I had a globalbagtag on my bag, it would have been devastating to lose all my equipment!

Once again, thanks!

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