Live Online Tracking for Effective Delivery Manage


As a business you need to make sure that all areas are running effectively with minimum costs being incurred, and this is even more important if you have people relying on you for timely deliveries, meetings or deadlines. For many business owners this often relies heavily on the trust of their employees to be delivering the services to their standard and there has been limited control over what occurs whilst on the road  until now.

back2you have now got the ideal solution to ensure that as a business owner, you can keep track on where your cars are at all times. With our live online tracking system our customer can log on a PC at any time to see where vehicles are, both on the road or parked up, allowing you to review the productivity of your team members and ensure your services are being met to schedule.

You may think that this software will be complex to use, however it has never been simpler. By logging into the secure programme, you can see in real time exactly where your cars are positioned and whether this is where they should be according to diaries or deliveries. You can check the speed and mileage statistics of the vehicles as well to ensure that your drivers are not sacrificing safety and legalities for efficiency.

Of course, we have a whole range of trackers that are designed for these needs specifically within our website, so you can pick exactly what is best suited to you. We also have a demo available for you to view and play with to ensure you become familiar with the software prior to using it for real and understand the different areas you can review.

This software is not only ideal for the obvious customers such as taxi firms or courier services, but if you have salespeople on the road, or employees visiting customers regularly, this is a sure fire way to monitor their efficiency.

Back2you gps trackers can now be viewed online in realtime. Check out our live tracking server use the username back2you and password back2you you will see a couple of our trackers on a real vehicles so depending on the time of day they may or may not be moving.

To find out more information on our gps tracking systems, dont hesitate to contact us via one of the methods on our website or browse our store to choose your device.

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