GPS Tracking for Personal Safety


In previous posts we have discussed the uses for GPS tracking in the form of finding lost luggage, pets and even vehicles, but what we havent yet discussed is using GPS trackers to prevent this from happening in the first place. back2you have seen the rise in people purchasing our products as a safety tool for their loved ones to become alerted if they step out of a designated geo fence; proven useful for those with children, or older parents who need non-stop care.

The major benefits of this are the personal safety that is felt by parents and children alike. There is nothing greater than the fear of a loved one coming to any harm and for many and this provides a security solution like no other. Whether you are a parent that is concerned about your child wandering out of the home or school, or maybe you just need that reassurance about their whereabouts, the matchbox sized GPS tracker is a sure fire way to rest easy. However, for young and old alike, the systems are particularly useful for those with parents that have Alzheimers / dementia and often find themselves lost or confused to their surroundings.

To make tracking even easier, you can set a geo fence which alerts you if they are move out of this area. This can be set to your own perimeters so whether this is within your neighbourhood, surroundings of a home, you will be the first to be alerted if a person steps out of this field.

Our trackers are easy to use so regardless of who they are for, they only need to worry about carrying them. The trackers are also motion sensitive to become active when the person is on the move, meaning the battery life is reserved and you can rest easy you wont be alerted unless its a necessity.

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