Track Your Boat: GPS Tracking for Outboard Motors


You may not have been able to get out on your boat recently what with the cold and frost, but this makes it even more important that your vessel is safe from theft. Whether you have your boat locked up or moored, you may have a concern about whether it is truly secure from the prying eyes of opportunists.

Unfortunately, some people still take the risk of stealing from others and with the rise in outboard motor thefts; we have an ideal solution in the form of our GPS Trackers.

We have previously discussed the uses of our trackers in other posts, mainly with the use of cars, however other vehicles can benefit from the use of trackers due to their size, ease of installation and robust qualities; one of these being boats. Whether you have recently experienced a theft or are looking for ways to ensure you retrieve your belongings should they go missing, then look no further.

With various trackers to choose from there will be one that can be easily installed on your boat. Small enough to fit under the hood of the outboard motor, you will be alerted if your boat or the motor is moved. You can then track this and undertake necessary action to ensure your property is returned to you in good time.

As the better weather starts to emerge over coming months, take the time to think about your boat and what can be done in case the unfortunate happens. With so many different trackers to choose from there will be one that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind both on and off the water. Browse our website and find out how we can help find the perfect item for you and purchase safely and conveniently online.

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