Secure Your Vehicle with GPS Tracking


Nobody wants to become to victim of theft, and having your car stolen is as upsetting as it is disruptive. But there are a few things that you can do to minimise the risk to your vehicle. So here are a few tips on ways to keep your car out of harms way.

Secure it!  this may be stating the obvious, but you should never leave your car unattended with the engine running or the keys inside. Even when it is locked, there should be no valuables on view to tempt a passing opportunist.

Parking  if possible, park your car in a garage or behind a locked gate. This extra obstacle can make all the difference to put off any would-be car thieves. If this isnt an option, pull as far up the drive as you can and install security lighting. When youre out and about, try to park in well-populated, well-lit areas.

Car Alarm  the benefits of car alarms are debated by some, but even if you dont hear it yourself they can still act as a deterrent. If nothing else, having a car alarm fitted in your car will have a positive impact on your car insurance premiums, so its a worthwhile investment.

Know Your VIN  every vehicle in the UK has a Vehicle Identification Number stamped onto its chassis. Make a note of this somewhere so that you can pass it onto police if necessary. If you have the VIN etched onto windows, doors and anywhere else you can think of it will make selling on your car parts much more difficult.

GPS Tracking  installing a GPS tracker allows you to easily locate your vehicle if it does go missing. Passing this information onto the police could be crucial in helping them to track down your car before anything happens to it.

Here at Back2You we provide easy to use GPS tracking devices that help you to keep track of your valuables. Each unit comes with a pay as you go SIM card, so it only takes a quick phone call to trigger a return text message giving you its exact location.

There are no contracts or monthly fees, and the unit can be transferred between vehicles or other objects as often as you like. For the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your property is, take a look at our online shop and make the most of our free worldwide delivery.

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