Protect Your Caravan from Theft with GPS


Two couples living within minutes of each other recently fell victim to burglaries from their own front lawns. The couples, both retired, had a caravan and a motorhome stolen from under their noses, which left them feeling vulnerable and anxious about further attacks.


Both couples were members of the PLUSRCC Retired Caravanners Club, who decided it was time to take action. PLUSRCC approached us here at Back2You to suggest a partnership that was designed to prevent more caravan owners from going through a similar ordeal.


Of course, we were thrilled to be involved, and immediately sent two free GPS tracking units to the couples who had lost their caravans. We understand that the most lasting impact of a burglary is the fear of it happening again, so by donating GPS devices to these couples we hope to have given them peace of mind for any replacement vehicles they may have in the future.


Our tracking devices can be set up with a movement alert, so that if they move outside of a 200m radius they will automatically send you a text message to let you know. It will then keep you updated with regular messages giving you an exact location which you can pass along to the police.


Not only does GPS tracking give you reassurance, but it can also help to lower your insurance premiums, which is a testament to the difference they make when it comes to protecting and recovering your property.


Take a look around our website for further details of the full range of products that we offer, or get in touch to find out about how your caravan club could receive a discount on multiple purchases. Call us today on 0870 765 7280 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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