How GPS Tracking Increases Boat Safety


Owning a boat gives you a unique freedom that is unrivalled by any other interest; whether you choose to escape from the pressures of modern life on a relaxing fishing trip, take the kids out to learn an invigorating new hobby or set off on an adventure to travel the world by sea.


Boats are highly coveted items, which has the unfortunate consequence of making them particularly susceptible to theft. But there are things that boat owners can do to help prevent the loss of their vessel, offering peace of mind even in an unfamiliar marina.


Here at Back2You we offer a range of GPS tracking devices that are designed to keep you informed of the whereabouts of your property at all times. Using a geo fence system, these units monitor their location and will automatically send an alert message to up to 5 phone numbers if it moves outside of a given area. So if your boat is stolen, you will know about immediately and can follow its movements remotely.


Uniquely, we do not ask that you sign up to a contract or pay any on-going fees for our GPS trackers to work. Instead, each unit comes with a pay as you go SIM card which acts as the point of contact for your tracker. If you want to check in at any point, simply call the number of your unit and it will respond with a text message telling you its exact location along with a link to a map.


These self-contained tracking systems also feature an SOS option which can be used to quickly contact 5 pre-programmed phone numbers if you are in need of assistance out on the water. With a worldwide range, our GPS tracking system will help a rescue party to find you no matter where you are.


To find out more about the huge benefits of installing GPS on your boat, give us a call on 0870 765 7280 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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