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Here at Back2You we have built up a great deal of experience of working with GPS tracking systems, and have seen the difference it can make to protecting peoples property and giving them genuine peace of mind. We are always happy to pass on our expertise to others, and it is not uncommon for us to be contacted by trade organisations, clubs and other communities who are looking for advice.

We recently received an enquiry from the VW T4 Forum, whose members were interested in finding out more about ways to improve the security of their vehicles. We were more than happy to talk them through our range of GPS tracking systems, and to explain the way they work.

Each of our units runs on a pay as you go SIM card, so a quick phone call prompts a text message that gives you full details of the location of your tracker. Using our Geo Fence technology, you can also set a limited perimeter so that the moment your vehicle moves outside of that area you will receive an alert.

We believe that expertise should be shared in order for us all to protect ourselves from theft, and were proud to have been the first port of call to the members of the VW T4 forum. In addition to the advice they sought, we were pleased to be able to offer them a trade discount as we do to all customers ordering 5 or more GPS tracking units.

If you have any questions about GPS tracking and the way that it could benefit you or anybody that you know, contact us today to find out more

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