Latest Product Info: Live Tracking Package


Here at Back2You we work hard to develop our products and bring you the latest GPS tracking solutions for every situation. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Live Tracking Package featuring a hard wired tracker and a 12 month subscription to our live tracking system.


For just £199 you will receive a GPS tracking device that attaches easily to the battery of your vehicle, and a year's worth of access to our online tracking system. This package is perfect for any business that could benefit from having up to date information about the location of its vehicles; whether they are taxis, delivery vans or a fleet of lorries.


Our plug and play tracking device connects to your 12v battery in seconds and requires no further set up for you to begin following its movements with your PC, laptop or mobile device. The live tracking can be used anywhere in the world without additional charges, and includes features such as a 30 day history and route replay capabilities.


After purchasing this package there will be nothing more for you to pay for the duration of your 12 month subscription. If at that stage you would like to renew then you can do so for just £70 per year.


GPS tracking gives you peace of mind about the safety of your vehicles and your employees, and allows you to keep any eye on their progress during the day. With accurate information about the whereabouts of your fleet you can keep your customers better informed, which will increase their satisfaction with your service.


To find out more about the full range of GPS tracking solutions we can offer, contact us via phone, email or our simple online query form.


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