Sussex police us GPS trackers for dementia patient


Sussex force is to fit dementia patients with GPS tracking devices in a bid to reduce the number of costly call-outs to search for patients who regularly go missing. Sussex Police have estimated that one-in-four of more than 300 missing persons inquiries it launched in 2011 involved a dementia patient. The use of personal GPS trackers could drastically reduce the number of missing persons searches which often involve a large amount of police manpower, and occasionally a very costly police helicopter. Many local authorities frequently issue tracking devices to dementia patients, Sussex Police is the first force to do so. Chief Inspector Jones said It will reduce anxiety for the family and really reduce the police time spent on this issue. The back2you personal tracker enables dementia patients freedom to whilst enabeling careers to have the peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

Back2you personal dementia gps tracker
£99.00 each

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