The Benefits of Quad Bike Tracking Systems


Quad bikes are popular because of their ability to traverse difficult terrain; quite a few people use them for some fun driving, as well. Unfortunately, these vehicles are a prime target for professional thieves who can make a huge sum of money by selling parts of a quad bike. In less than half an hour, experienced thieves can strip your bike to pieces, remove the engine numbers and destroy all evidence of the bikes ownership. This means you need to be careful to guard your quad bike against theft.


Tips on Avoiding Quad Bike Theft


If you make a habit of following certain basic security measures, it is quite possible to minimize the chances of quad bike theft. Never leave a bike unattended with the key hanging in it. Make sure you lock it up at night in a safe place; using a clamp or ground anchor would provide double protection to the bike. However, for professional thieves, these are not major deterrents because they have mastered the art of getting past these security measures. Thats where it becomes important to rely on quad bike tracking systems.


How Quad Bike Tracking Systems Help


Bike tracking systems come in different designs. Some have electronic transponders that create an electronic finger print of sorts on the major components of your bike. Others provide a secret chemical etching on the minor parts of the bike; this data is stored in an electronic identification system. If your bike is stolen, the tracking system makes it easier for the police to identify if a particular recovered quad bike belongs to you.


Most quad bike tracking systems are not too complicated to fit; you can do it yourself or ask a local dealer for help. Most of the latest systems consist of a series of transponders that are hidden in different parts of your bike; it makes it more difficult for the thief to find and destroy the tracking system without causing any damage to the bike itself.


Whether you have a small bike or a larger ATV, it makes no difference to bike thieves. However, having spent money on purchasing a bike for your use and comfort, it makes perfect sense to fit it with a tracking system to ensure it stays safe and away from the prying eyes of the thieves.


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