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Once set up the back2you Gps trackers are very reliable and dont forget they have a full 12 month guarantee so if you ever need any help in the future do not hesitate to contact us.

Common setting up problems

99% of all the problems we get with tracker setup are down to SIM cards either not being activated or not being inserted in the unit correctly.

The first thing to do if you have a problem with your tracker is to take out the SIM card and put it in a phone and see if it will make and receive calls and text messages.

Can't eject the SIM tray from the unit?

Press in the yellow button at the side of the SIM slot, you have to press quite hard.

When you replace the SIM in the tracker make sure it stays in the SIM tray as you push it back into the unit and that the SIM tray is correctly located on the guide rails as it is pushed back in.
When the SIM is back in the unit move the switch on the back of the unit near the charging socket, slide it towards the charge socket then away from the socket and leave in this on position. The LED lights should come on. Take the unit outside and leave for 10 mins so it can acquire satellite and cellular signals. Next call up the number of the sim card. If you do not hear any rings but the unit goes straight to voicemail recheck the SIM card.

The red charging light is flashing even though I have charged the unit.

This does not mean the battery is flat, it indicated there is a fault with the SIM card or that there is no SIM card inserted.

The unit responds with location if I call it but does not respond to txt commands.

Take out the SIM and put it into a phone and delete any text messages in the sim card memory.

If you still have problems click on our live help button below, we have real live people online who know all about trackers and can help get you up and running very quickly.

Prefer to talk to on the phone? Call our technical help team on 07761 747528

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