How does globalbagtag work?



Each globalbagtag has a unique serial number which enables it to be traced to the owner via the website. Members contact details are stored on the database. Members can update and enter descriptions of their luggage, details of their travel itinerary and local contact details online at any time. The instant you lost bag or item is located we will contact you via SMS text message, email or telephone.


Step one - registration

Each tag or sticker has a serial number and PIN code. Simply register the first tag, and an account will be created for you which will show details of all tags or stickers you have registered.


Step two - protect your valuables

Simply attach a tag or sticker to each item you want to protect. That's it!'


Step three - enjoy your trip! stickers and tags are not just valid for one trip, they stay working even if you lose an item on your own high street!

But, for added piece of mind whilst away, you can add details of your itinerary so that we can route your property to the best location, rather than having it sent home!


I've lost an item - what happens?'

The person or organisation that has found your item logs onto or sends a text message to our system


You then receive a SMS text message, an email and phone call telling you that your item has been found, and giving details of it's location. You can then organise pick up if possible, or we will help ensure it is returned for you


I still have questions, can I speak to a real person?

Yes please feel free to telephone customer support. You can also contact us by email or fax at any time.


See our testimonials page to read comments by some of our members!

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